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Man Faces Charges for Editing Top Virologist’s Wikipedia Page

News Report

The unidentified 24-year-old now faces criminal defamation as well as possible computer crime charges for the rewrite, which referred to the senior adviser as the “Sinovac salesman for Prayut Chan-O-Cha’s government.” 


Royal Defamation Cases Soar As Thai Authorities Seek To End Protests


Dressed in crop tops with jabs at the monarchy scrawled across their midriffs, some of Thailand’s most prominent activists parade around a Bangkok mall, to challenge one of the world’s toughest royal defamation laws.


Forced out for new mall, Bangkok’s poorest fear life after Khlong Toei


As plans move forward to remake Bangkok’s biggest slum community into high-end attractions for its wealthiest residents, tens of thousands of the city’s poorest have been excluded from the discussion.


The Dilemma of Waste during COVID-19 Pandemic


With an emphasis placed on containing COVID-19, environmental concerns have been sidelined. The amount of plastic has skyrocketed in the kingdom that has always had a difficult relationship with its sorting and management.

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Won’t leave till demands met, say hundreds of rural poor encamped in Bangkok 

News Report

They’ve camped out, bathed and done their laundry along the same stretch of road for 18 straight days. They are quick to apologize for any inconvenience and say they don’t want to be here.


Taboos That Kill: Stigma and Abortion in Thailand


Conservative anti-abortion beliefs are commonplace in Thailand and planted into the minds of women from a young age. The stigma bars access for those who need it, and exacts a psychological toll on those who opt for it.


‘Bitch!’ scream the trolls, ‘catfight!’ shout the media, and we all lose 


It’s not the first time a woman has been cut into pieces for her sartorial decisions. But it’s even more fabric stretching a political landscape where what a woman is wearing is more widely discussed than her ideas.


Pretty Girls Taking Risks: Inside the world of Thailand’s models for hire 


As the tragic death of a promotional model consumes media oxygen, the case has shined light into the murky, profitable and potentially dangerous work of the “pretty,” as such models are referred to in Thailand.


Being Broken: Years of sexual abuse alleged at Agama yoga school 


Former students and employees of the school, describe an atmosphere of intense, cult-like control, one in which sex with instructors is encouraged, students are forcibly assaulted, and the use of condoms is discouraged.

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Tainted by ‘rape cult’ allegations, rebranded Agama back in business

Follow Up

One year after a sex abuse scandal erupted on the idyllic Thai island of Phangan, the New Age center where dozens of women say they were raped is drawing students again under a new name.


From paralysis to virality, ‘Hipster Grandma’ opens up about why she sings


Internet fame may have found her, but it is absolutely not why she started making covers of her favorite songs. To the 69-year-old, singing brought joy and confidence back into her life after a tragic accident.


The less-fortunate suffer the most during COVID-19, here’s how you can help


From disrupting jobs, taking away incomes and forcing society to keep a distance, the COVID-19 outbreak is not only a global health crisis, but also a financial one —  especially for the working class.


Gym-weary Thais going under knife for instant 6-packs


Why crunch that beer belly into infinity when you can pay for it to go away in one day, asks a Bangkok plastic surgeon offering to turn flabby burrito baskets into six packs.


50 Shades of Squee: How I learned to stow the hate and cuddle up to Thai furries


Surrounded by foxes and cats, leopards and hirsute aliens, I tiptoed through the downtown hotel conference room braced for a freaky, polyamorous scene.

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